Leading Through ChangeTrusted and Proven Services since 1997
Our Commitment to YOU:
We understand the specific needs of your business, develop practical business solutions based on our deep insights and experience, and can bring change that produces results.
Whether you堷orking to; improve your customer experience, create more business value from customer operations, adopt innovative and practical customer technology solutions or all of the above, we can help!
At LTC, we understand our clients⵳inesses and industries and we put those insights to work in their operations. We provide the services that contribute to optimal performance of your people and your systems. Service offerings are the building blocks we use to help clients in their efforts to solve their complex business problems.
LTC partners with our customers to deliver solutions for:
More than your ordinary training company, we become a trusted partner to your organization. Understanding your organization's culture and goals, we customize a training program that represents you. Through systematic approaches based on sound adult learning principles, LTC creates a lasting learning experience.
 Technical Training Solutions
  • Professional and organizational training and development (611430)
  • Registrar administration (541611)
  • Curricula design (611430)
Information Technology
Information Technology is an enabler to the ultimate success of your organization. Stability and reliability are critical elements of any IT plan. We understand your needs. Our company provides services that allow for robust performance of your systems.
 Information Technology Solutions
  • Database design and maintenance (541512)
  • Hardware and network maintenance (811212)
  • Hardware and software sales (423430)
  • Hardware/software installation & configuration (541519)
  • Help desk support and management (541519)
  • Website design and maintenance (541430)
The foundation of any organization, we provide essential staffing based on our clientsꠠ needs. Our administrators provide services to help enhance productivity while maintaining business relationships.
 Administrative Solutions
  • Logistics support (541614)
  • Technical staffing (561320)
  • Conference management and event planning (561920)
Capability Statement
Bottom-line Benefits:
  • Increased aggregate customer revenue across many channels
  • Enhanced customer loyalty through improved experience and community capabilities
  • Reduced operating costs by allocating the right transactions in the right low-cost channels
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